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HF-15B High Frequency Spark Tester

The HF-15B is ideal for applications testing smaller wires at high line speeds or when a direct ground to the center conductor is not possible/practical. The HF-15B meets a variety of common industrial standards including UL 2556, UL 1581, and IEC 62230 (when properly applied, using an application appropriate electrode.)

Technical Specifications

Major Features:

  • Pinhole/Bare Wire Differentiation

  • Flexible Communication Options

  • Reliability

  • Ease of Use

Category: Product ID: 21876




Voltage Test Range:          Approximately 500V to 15kV RMS

Voltage Accuracy              +/- 2% of reading

Test Frequency                  1000 to 3500Hz, depending on load capacitance

Output Power                    4mA Resistive, 40mA capacitive

Fault Indication                 White 3-digit 20.32mm high LED display, amber fault indicating LED

Fault Resolution                Variable with electrode length or directly configurable from 1 millisecond to 2 seconds

Detection Sensitivity      Conforms to IEC 62230

Operating Modes              Continuous HV/remove voltage on fault, momentary process control/latch until reset

Power Requirements       100 to 240VAC 47-63 Hz. Power supply self-adjusting

Safety                                     Designed to IEC-1010

Communications               Modbus RTU via RS-485

Optional Communications   Analog, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNET




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