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Walthmac Gravimetric Control System

Brief Intro:

WALTHMAC GMS meter weight control system is based on a “machine learning” control algorithm that implements multiple control strategies for the extrusion industry to achieve the best production process requirements. It is widely used in extrusion lines for plastic pipes, sheets and cables. Based on the great benefits that WALTHMAC GMS meters weight control system brings to users in terms of quality control and cost saving. GMS series products have become the standard configuration of many high-end extrusion equipment manufacturers.

System Principle:

The high-precision fast weighing module is used to continuously measure the material consumption of the extruder. The embedded control unit collects the relevant data of the production line, the screw speed and haul-off to form a closed-loop control system. Once setting meter weight/extrusion output, Gravimetric meter weight control system adjusts the screw speed and the haul-off speed in real time according to the set value to control the wall thickness pf pipe.


Applications: The production process control of plastic pipes, cables, optical cables, plastic films, etc.


  1. Control the extrusion output and weight per meter, constantly stable product quality.
  2. Shorten start up time of extrusion line and save raw material. Reduce the dependence on personal experiences, skill and fortune.
  3. Achieve raw material saving up to 1%-5% and increase 5% output. The continuous material saving pays back investment within 2 months. *
  4. Full-automatic control / simultaneous control of extruder and hauling machine.
  5. Automatic compensation for changes caused by material bulk density.
  6. Stable production process and improve product quality.
  7. No parametric processing, simpler operation, lower requirements on workers’ ability and quality.
  8. Provide scientific judgment data for the stability of the extrusion system and decision data for the maintenance of the extrusion system.
  9. Accuracy error: <0.3~0.5% (Depending on the machine and raw materials)
  10. Satisfy various of precision requirements.   

*Calculation based on special output and control conditions.

Parameter Table:

ModelOutput (kg/hr)Size (mm)Max output (kg/hr)

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